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"Afternoon Tea" From 16:00 to 18:00


We have designed a luxury proposal for the most exquisite palates. A place of reference for lovers of good tea and champagne, accompanied by excellent scones, sandwiches and sweets. From the Orfila Garden we invite you to share a special moment difficult to forget.


Orfila green tea
Sencha green tea, from China with theine, coconut, coconut and orange
and orange cinnamon and Tahitian vanilla, rose and crunchy caramel.

Golden Needle white tea
Antioxidant power, great source of vitamin C.
First buds picked by hand.

Green tea Secret Garden of Japan
Matcha with pineapple with high antioxidant theine, ideal for toning body and mind.
for a toned body and mind.

Femininity Green Tea
Ancient recipe of gueisha, with Japanese cherry

brings together the traditional properties of green tea.

Jasmine Green Tea
Scented with natural jasmine flowers
we have created a very elegant and sophisticated tea

Mandala Red Tea
Belgian dark chocolate with orange and lemon,
with theine, purifying and fun.

English Breakfast Black Tea
With theine, intense flavour from India,
blend of two harvests

Black Coconut Mousse
With theine, ideal to drink with milk or on its own,
sweet and intense from India.

Da Vinci (Black)
For lovers of sweet tea from India,
assorted chocolates with or without milk with theine.

Piña Colada Pu-Erh
From Yunnan, China, fermented for 50 years,
with a fun and original taste, pineapple, coconut and vanilla, detox for the organism.

Joy of Living Roibos
Baked apple, pineapple and coconut spice.

Black Earl Grey
Tea with caffeine from India, its aroma of natural and organic
bergamot aroma makes it a fine English selection,
classic and elegant, can be drunk with or without milk.

Namaste - Roibos
Shrub from South Africa, theine-free, natural vanilla flavour,
papaya orange and mango with orange blossom essence. Ideal to enjoy
a special moment of relaxation.

Pennyroyal mint
Helps digestion, relieves cold and flu symptoms, soothing effect.

and flu, soothing effect. Helps to fall asleep

Combats nervousness, stress, insomnia.

Relieves headache and treats hypertension.

Relaxing, anti-inflammatory, helps the immune system,
lowers cholesterol levels.


Complete Tea: 40€.
Our selection of sweets, accompanied by our
exclusive teas from selected vintages.
Finger sandwiches and freshly baked scoons.

Full Tea with Champagne: 52€.
Our Complete Tea, accompanied with a glass of
Champagne Moët & Chandon brut Imperial.
(Served in antique 19th century crockery, from the best English houses of the
best English houses of the time)

Available in the bar and terraces
Please ask our lounge team for more information